oBy Brianna Bellido

“Burgers, Fries, Shakes, and all things Ice Cream” is Pop’s Malt Shop’s mission statement according to Dakota Scholl, manager of Pop’s Malt Shop. You will find delicious meals here accompanied by savory ice cream flavors.

Pop’s Malt Shop adapts a 50’s vibe throughout the restaurant along with their music as well. I asked Scholl what she would recommend to a first time guest? “Anything with our signature Mac n’ Cheese,” she said. It is made fresh daily with over five cheese and their “secret ingredient,” said Scholl.

In an online Yelp review about Pop’s Malt Shop, Jim M states that “the food was reasonably priced.” He also mentioned that “the service could not be beat.” I agree with Jim because every time I’ve stopped in the service is always friendly and food is great.

Pop’s Malt Shop holds over 24 ice cream flavors with two of the flavors being seasonal options. While you wait in line, don’t forget to look at the assortment of candy for sale as well as their fresh baked goods.

“I would also recommend the waffle cone,” said Scholl. Everyday the waffle mix is prepared and shaped into cones. Scholl really emphasized on the fresh factor adding that its “not stale like others,” she said.

I decided to try one of their waffle cones with the salted ice cream flavor located in my picture above. My overall review, very good! The waffle cone had the perfect crunch component that my ice cream needed.

I would give this establishment 4 stars. They have a wonderful variety of menu options ranging from burger’s to panini’s. The ice cream is mouthwatering and always delicious. The only thing i would change is the prices. I get that everything is authentic but we are in a college town, so it should reflect college students average budget.


(484) 646-9509

208 West Main Street

Mon-Sun: 11:30am-10pm






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