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By Brianna Bellido

The K’Town Pub is known for their brisket by cooking it in the smoker out back. They’re specialties are “pulled pork, wings, and chicken,” said Jen Diaz, manager of The K’Town Pub.

The establishment also carries over twenty craft beers on draft. Don’t know which to pick? The K’Town Pub has flights of beer at your convenience. You can sample up to five beers.

I asked Diaz to describe The K’Town Pub in three words and her response was “Innovative, adaptive, and hometown,” she said.

The K’Town Pub was innovative in the sense that they have an array of beer selections and they always have seasonal beers available. Right now, they are featuring a Spring beer.

I decided to try the featured Spring beer in the photo above and it was delicious! The beer tasted close to an IPA but had tints of sour beer. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sweet change of taste.

It was adaptive in the sense that it catered to the families before 5 pm and then catered to college students after 10 pm. There was a good flow from one scene to the next.

Finally, it was hometown in ways that this establishment always has a spot in community events. They had their own stand at the Kutztown Block Party which took place two weeks ago. The Pub also donates at an given opportunity.

According to Jj B, Yelp reviewer of The Pub, ” BBQ may be the best I’ve ever had,” he said. Not to mention he smothered his sandwich in their signature Apple Butter sauce. Yum!

I agree with Jj B because the quality of food that The Pub has is beyond delicious. The mac n cheese is savory in itself and surprisingly, pairs nicely with the loaded nachos. I give this establishment 5 stars for great beer at a respectable price and tasty food.



257 West Main Street

Mon-Sun: 4pm-2am






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